Planning ahead is what this is all about to ensure that what you have goes safely to those you chose.  We can offer the experience to provide a tailor made Will to suit your own particular circumstances.  


In the sad event of death, we can ease the stress and emotion by leading you through what is involved in winding up an estate, taking the anxiety and hassle away. 

Power of Attorney

As we get older to ensure that in the event of incapacity occurring, this is catered for so that life can go on with the minimum of difficulty.  Why not consider granting a Power of Attorney to a loved one?  We will explain all the steps involved and the benefits of such a legal document and get one in place for you with the minimum of fuss.

Grew up in Huntly and educated at The Gordon Schools. Graduated from Aberdeen University in 1976 and has been a partner in three legal firms over an extensive working life. Wealth of experience in a wide range of areas of the law.

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