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Resolving Family Law Disputes Amicably

Removing stress and cost from family law issues

What we do

At Taggart Meil Mathers, we understand that resolving family disputes can be expensive, time-consuming and stressful for everyone.

This is why we always try to help clients to resolve matters without going to court. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is the collective term for the methods which allow you to resolve a dispute amicably.

These methods have a number of major advantages that make them quicker, cheaper, more efficient and less damaging to relationships than court.

While most people tend to have a basic understanding of court proceedings, few people realise there are other options open to them, and what these look like. Find out more below.


Our Family Law Services

  • Collaboration

    Collaborative law offers separating couples a way to agree their legal separation arrangements and divorce without a court battle and with the minimum conflict. Both Judith and Catriona are experienced collaborative lawyers and will work together with you through this process.

    Through collaborative law we offer separating couples a non-confrontational way of agreeing the legal and practical arrangements for their separation and divorce. The collaborative approach allows couples to reach a good agreement through supported discussions. Contact Catriona and Judith who have been very active in collaboration since its introduction to Scotland.

  • Mediation

    Both Judith and Catriona are experienced family law mediators and are both members of CALM, which is a national organisation for solicitor mediators in Scotland. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution where the mediator assists couples, whether married or not, to consider all options open to them to deal with their separation and child related issues. For more information on mediation, visit Calm Scotland or Avenue.

  • Arbitration

    Arbitration provides a direct alternative to litigation where the parties agree to refer the resolution of any contentious issues through their respective solicitors to an accredited Arbitrator who will be an experienced family lawyer or counsel. Judith was one of the first family solicitors in Scotland to undergo training allowing her to sit as an Arbitrator in family law cases, and is now a member of FLAGS (Family Law Arbitration Group Scotland).

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Our Family Law Costs

If you need advice on any matter, we can provide information on rates for private work by telephone or email. We can arrange payment plans. Obtaining good, sound advice early on in the case can save time and money in the long run.
Costs should not be prohibitive.
We understand it is important you are confident in the solicitor you choose and offer a fixed fee package for a one-hour consultation of £300 plus VAT.

Family Law Services

When a relationship breaks down we are able to provide support and understanding, together with the best legal advice available.