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What we do

Our family law team is headed up by Judith Meil who is an accredited specialist in family law. The other member of the team is Catriona MacLeod who has many years of experience in the area of family law and regularly appears in the family court in Aberdeen and North-East Scotland. 

In all family cases, our focus is on solving problems. When a relationship breaks down we realise that it is a time of great stress and of great emotional upheaval for you. We are able to provide support and understanding, together with the best legal advice available. We will discuss your options and provide information to enable you to make decisions that will resolve disputes.
The initial approach is to resolve disputes by negotiation as this can give you greater control and certainty of any outcome. In certain circumstances court action is necessary, both Catriona and Judith are experienced litigators and are able to represent you in the family court. Judith is a family law mediator. Both Catriona and Judith are collaborative lawyers and members of the Family Law Association.


Our Family Law Services

  • Divorce & Separation

    In Scotland, the divorce or dissolution of a marriage or civil partnership can only be obtained by a court order.
    The only ground on which you can divorce your partner in Scotland is the "Irretrievable breakdown" of the marriage. In order for the marriage to be irretrievably broken down, you must be able to show one of the following:
    ● Unreasonable behaviour by your spouse,● One year's separation of the couple, with the consent of the person not raising the divorce action,● Two year's separation of the couple, where there is no consent to divorce by the other party,● In divorce actions only, adultery by your spouse.
    Divorce can be a complex area of law and we can provide clear, practical advice in a professional and caring manner. Our aim is always to resolve matters on behalf of our clients without recourse to court. Alternatively, we are qualified to help you resolve disputes amicably.
    If, however, going to court is appropriate or necessary, our family law team can offer representation in any court throughout North East Scotland, Moray and Angus.
    Our family law team also have a great deal of expertise in assisting our client's negotiating terms of a separation agreement. These agreements deal with all issues relating to your individual separation, including financial aspects and arrangements for the children.

  • Child Law

    Our family law team offers clear, practical and professional advice in this area and have extensive experience in acting on behalf of parents in child law matters, including:
    ● Parental responsibilities and parental rights● Residence and contact disputes● Disputes relating to possible relocation of children● Interdict applications against removal of child● Adoption● Children hearing and social work matters.
    Both Judith and Catriona have extensive experience in these matters and in some circumstances represent children where necessary. A child of twelve or over can instruct his or her own lawyer in certain situations.

  • Cohabitation

    Many people now choose to cohabit rather than enter into marriage or a civil partnership. The Family Law (Scotland) Act 2006 confers a range of rights and obligations on unmarried couples residing together, including those of the same sex who have not entered into a civil partnership.
    Our family law team work with discretion and care. We can provide legal advice on any aspect of your cohabitation. This may include financial claims in the event of the breakdown of your relationship, or making a claim in respect of the death of a partner. This particular area of law is still evolving and is complex. We are in a position to provide the highest quality advice to our clients.

  • Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements

    Although perhaps not the most romantic of notions, pre and post nuptial agreements can be an effective and simple way of protecting the interests of both parties within a marriage. We regularly accept instructions from clients who wish to enter into such agreements with a view to avoid litigation and conflict in the future should the relationship fail.

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Our Family Law Costs

If you need advice on any matter, we can provide information on rates by telephone or email. We can arrange payment plans.
Obtaining good, sound advice early on in the case can save time and money in the long run.
Costs should not be prohibitive.
We understand it is important you are confident in the solicitor you choose and offer a fixed fee package for a one-hour consultation of £300 plus VAT.

Resolving Disputes Amicably

Not every family dispute has to end up in court. Nowadays, there are ways and means of resolving disputes amicably.