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Call us today - 01224 588 020

Civil Litigation Lawyers Aberdeen & North-East Scotland

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What we do

Ross Taggart is highly experienced in litigation and can assist you in resolving any dispute or claim that may arise.

We operate in Aberdeen and North-East Scotland but can provide a comprehensive service to our clients, wherever they may be located.
Our aim is to resolve your dispute or claim, whether minor or complex, as quickly as possible, always in your best interests, and, if at all possible, without you having to embark on court action. Early advice can be invaluable. However, if you do have to go to court, we are able to provide you with quality legal representation in tribunals and Sheriff Courts across Scotland, in the Court of Session and even in the UK Supreme Court in London.
We can provide advice and deal with all kinds of disputes including:
● Personal Injury● Clinical Negligence● General and Commercial Civil Litigation● Debt collection● Contractual Disputes