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Digital Home Move Assistant

Digital Home Move Assistant "Tili" added to ASPC

In a recent update to ASPC, a new digital home move assistant called “Tili” has been added to the website.  Tili allows home movers to set up their council tax, gas, electric, TV, telephone broadband and mail re-direction in around 10 clicks.  ASPC are the first in the UK to have this service publicly available on their website. 

As the service is driven by price comparison websites, ASPC will earn a commission every time a user takes up a product (under exception of council tax).  However, after deducting a percentage for operating costs, the income ASPC makes from this service will be used to supplement their charitable giving programme, ensuring that the local population benefit. 

Tili is now live on ASPC and looks to be a useful tool that public users will find beneficial.

More information about Tili can be found here.